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February 13, 2013
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Fionna's pov

I woke up and noticed I was sleeping on marshall which made me blush like crazy! I tried to get up but then I noticed he had his arms wrapped around me very tightly. When I tried to get up he just smirked in his sleep and mumbled "bad bunny". I layed on his chest relaxing until he woke up which was about an hour later. "sorry bunny" marshall said with a chuckle and smile and put me down. I've really fallen for his smile and that warmth I felt. I felt it the first time I met him. But then cake convinced me to date flame prince and when I didnt really have feelings for him I just did it for cake but then I thought I started developing feelings for him but I guess I was just kidding myself. Marshall snapped him fingurs infront of my face trying to get me back to planet earth. I guess I was in another world for a moment because when I got back to normal he had a smirk on his face.

Marshall's pov

I was wondering what fionna was thinking so I was going to try and get her to tell me by useing my marshall charms. I began to float around her and pulling at the ears of her bunny headband. "so little bunny you gonna tell me what you were thinking about?" I said with a evil looking smile. I saw her begin to blush so red. "im not telling you!" she said and turned the other way around so I could see her back from my left side. I picked her up by her waist but held her arms down so she couldn't punch me but she was kicking. "you better stop that bunny I dont want to use force remember im evil" I said with a chuckle. "your as evil as a flower!" fionna said but didn't stop fighting. I floated to my door and release my arm as fast as I could to turn the knob and open it. Fionna wasn't fast enough so I pined her again. I took her headband off so she couldn't see when her bangs flopped in her eyes.

Fionna's pov

I didn't know were marshall was taking me but then I figured it out when I heard waves. "marshall are we at the beach please dont put me in the water it hates me!" I began to shout and kick again. "Marshall Lee! Put me down NOW!" I screamed getting really scared. "as you wish" he said and dropped me. I landed in the ocean and tried to swim up but that was the problem...I cant swim...

Marshall's pov

I dropped fionna and began laughing but then I noticed she hadn't came back up. I looked into the water and saw her but she wasn't moving. I dived in and grabbed her and began to swim back up. I floated us to shore and propped her head up on my legs. "fionna! fionna wake up this isn't funny!" I began to shout but still no life. I put my head to her chest and there was still a heart beat. I began to press hard on her chest but still no reaction. There was only one last thing I knew to do. I pressed my lips against fionna's and began to breath air into her lungs. I soon felt her chest begin to rise up and down again and she was coughing up water. She then opened  eyes  and I rubbed the water she spit up on me off. "I am so sorry fi I swear I didn't know you couldn't swim!" I said closing my eyes getting ready to be smacked. Instead I felt her lips press against mine. I opened my eye's with a shocked look.

Fionna's pov

I stopped kissing marshall and was blushing like crazy. He probably didn't like me kissing him because he probably saw me as just a friend. But then marshall grabbed my face softly and pulled me into another kiss. I put my arms around is neck not wanting to let go and just melted into the kiss.

Lsp pov

I was sitting on the pier wanting to do something cool or blog about something but had nothing! I then heard marshall yelling for fionna to wake up so I went to go check it out! I hid in some bushes and saw them kissing! I began taking pictures and sending them to everyone in aaa!

Gumballs pov

I was sitting in a chair reading a book and planning my next trick to win fionna over. Then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and took it out. I saw it was an update on lsp's blog but I didn't care. I soon saw that alot of prince's had bin commenting on the picture so it must be good. Probably a picture of me and fionna dancing together last night.  I began to smile then I went expressionless when I saw it was picture of fionna and marshall kissing!

Flame princes pov

I was getting ready for me and maya's date tonight when I heard my phone vibrating on the nightstand. I walked over to it and picked it up seeing it was an update on lsp's blog. I was going to ignore it when I saw it was about fionna! I looked at the comment's before I looked at the picture.

slime prince: she would be happier with me!
jungle prince: We could have adventured in the jungle all the time!

those were the top 2 comments. I scrolled up the page and saw it was fionna and marshall kissing! I began to get angry and shooting flame's every were! "MARSHALL LEE! YOU ARE SO DEAD!" I screamed! nobody can have MY fionna!
oh looks like flame prince is jealous! lol =P well fionna and marshalls first kiss yay! :) I hope you liked it! remember ill add your OC if you ask me and if you have any idea's plz tell me! plz comment and favorite! :D

I own none of these characters!
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fb you dumped her and that was your mistake, shes not yours any more.
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